Do you have a bathroom, kitchen or laundry tap that is leaking? This is often a common problem in some of Sydney’ older homes and apartments. If you have a spare couple of hours, this can be completed by almost anyone. Head down to your local hardware store and pick up the couple of items you will need. Or

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1. Turn off the water to the tap.

Look in the cabinet under the sink for knobs to stop the water, if not there go look underneath the house. Turn the water off and then open the faucet to relieve the water pressure.


2. Identify if you have a ceramic or a washer faucet.

If it’s a traditional faucet with a hot water tap and a cold water tap that turn clockwise or counter clockwise you likely have a washer facet. If your faucet has a lever that you pull up and swivel for hot or cold you have a ceramic faucet.

3. Remove the faucet cover.

There will likely be a plastic cover on the top of a tap which can be pried loose with a flat head screwdriver. Underneath you’ll find screws, carefully remove them and remember which order you took them out from.


4. Washer faucets will require a crescent wrench to remove.

The washers may appear flat secured with a centre screw, or like a doughnut around a copper cylinder. Washers are very inexpensive, so save your self some trouble, and take all of the washers and any large parts that you remove to a hardware store and ask for assistance finding the correct replacement washers, by matching your old washers to the new. Then replace the worn washers with the new ones. To remove the old ones it may be necessary/easier to simply cut away the old rubber. Carefully reassemble the faucet and turn on the water to the tap and then try the tap out. It should move easily and be leak free.


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