block drain


That Gurgling Sound From Your Blocked Bathroom or Kitchen Drain Need Not Spoil Your Day! If you want to unblock a blocked sink, toilet, Bathroom drain etc, read on!

A blocked drain will usually present itself via a slow to clear sink or toilet – sometimes your shower or bath.

Typically a blocked up drain is caused by a build-up over time of soap, hair, food particles or dirt.  The Local Sydney Plumber team are Sydney’s blocked drain experts. We use water jet technology to unblock your drain without harsh chemicals plus a CCTV drain camera to help identify problems without having to dig which can save unnecessary cost and a big mess on your lawn, drive or pathways.

Now – if you are like us and you hate the thought of flushing chemicals into your drains, you could try this simple alternative using hot water, vinegar and baking soda beforeyou call a plumber. If it works, GREAT! If not, we have your back and can break out the big guns then.

Chemical Free Drain Clearing / Unblocking Method…

Firstly, pour a kettle full of boiling hot water down your drain and then quickly pour in 1/2 cup of baking soda directly after.

Next, boil about 2 cups of water in your kettle – make one into a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy. Now, reboil the remaining cup and while this is happening, pour 1 cup of vinegar followed by 1 cup of your kettle hot boiling water down on top of the baking soda.

Cover plug hole or drain cover with a plug or rubber mat etc so the baking powder and vinegar mixture can bubble on down below not froth up out of your sink! After about  8-10 minutes reading the rest of our riveting website, pour one further kettle of boiling hot water down your drain and pray… just kidding – it really should work for most soap scum type blockages.

NOW…. if the above trick does not clear your drain don’t worry because we can FIX it!

The fact is, if you have children or long hair, you WILL experience a BLOCKED drain sooner or later. That said, it could also be a more permanent blockage such as a tree root or ten but these are no match for our water jet drain cleaner!

Our TOP 6 blocked drain culprits are:

  • Tree roots, which get into your pipes through the joints and grow inside until they completely block the pipe.
  • Plumbing pipes such as your kitchen sink, bathroom basin and other drains are most often blocked from hair, fat and other organic particles.
  • Little Johnny’s Super Man toy
  • Sewer line faults.
  • Collapsed Drain lines.

And If That Fails… Don’t Worry! Let Us Fix It!

Your Local Sydney Plumber service team follow a 4 step procedure to help insure the most cost effective means to tackle your blocked drain.

  1. Assess the problem and locate where the exact problem is in your drain system.
  2. Use of pressure jetting to clear your blocked drain.
  3. CCTV camera inspection, if required, will provide the most accurate diagnosis of your drain system. This will help see a clear view of the state of your drains.
  4. A maintenance program with recommendations on preventing future blockages.

If baking soda and vinegar can not unblock your blocked drain,  call your Local Sydney Plumber on 9186 4433 and we will come blast it clear for you!