The advantages of heating your home with natural gas are abundant, including convenience, energy and cost savings, reliable supply, and environmental benefits. Charlie at the Local Sydney Plumber highlights why heating your home with Gas is the better option.

1. Save Money Heating Your Home

Natural gas is far less expensive than electricity. As standard electric heaters typically use the most energy each month in winter, converting to gas can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the years, this is something that should be carefully considered.

2. Get Warm Faster With Instant heat

One of the greatest benefits of natural gas is its potential for instant heat. As soon as a heater or heating system is turned on the ignitor is lit and heat begins to flow into your home. There’s no more waiting for your house to slowly warm up.

3. Save The Environment With Cleaner burning Fuel

Unlike wood or coal fires, natural gas doesn’t leave behind smoke, ash or odours. Because of this gas heaters emit 70% less polution than other fossil fuels, additionally gas heaters tend to have a longer operational life and require less maintenance than other types of heater.

4. Never Be Left Out In The Cold Again!

Unlike with electricity, natural gas supply is unaffected by the weather. Its delivery via underground pipelines means that storms won’t disrupt supply so your home will stay toasty warm no matter what’s happening outside.

If you don’t want to feel the chill, call Charlie today and arrange to have a gas heater installed prior to winter.

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